How do I pin an image or video?

It's very easy.

First of all you have to install the "Pin It" button in your browser.

Once you are in the "Pin It" button page, just drag and drop the button in your Bookmarks Toolbar.


I you don't see your Bookmarks Toolbar go to your browser menu and click View > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar.



Internet Explorer:

Once you've done it you should have your "Pin It" Button in your Bookmarks Toolbar


Now, when you surf the net and you find something interesting about music that you whant to share, just click the "Pin It" button in your Bookmarks Toolbar

Now you can edit your pin, select or create a new board, select a general category and put a price if it's something that could be a good idea as a gift to share with Muiziki community.


Now you have it in your board!

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